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Francisco Tárrega
Complete Guitar Works, Vol. 5

31 original pieces for Guitar
Edition by Melchor Rodríguez

Ref: SEM0913

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A new edition based on manuscripts and original editions (texts in english and spanish)

With this volume 31 ORIGINAL PIECES Vol. V, Tárrega's original plays are completed. It contains: Famous dances, Fantasíes, Varíations.

This part is the higher instrumental and interpretative level where Tárrega shows his great knowledge of the instrument as well with the dances as with the fantasies and variations. Using all the strum scales of the instrument, passing, as it is, his habit in all his tunes, through the most normal guitar techniques.

When played, his pieces create a peculiar ambience  characteristic  of  the  atmosphere surrounding  this  instrument, passing in turn through the most natural technique that exists for the guitar.

ISMN: 84-87969-12-7
106 pg.; 23x31,5 cms.; Rustic
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