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The SONETO Ediciones Musicales publishing house was created in 1991 under the initiative of Rodríguez García, guitarist and researcher of the Spanish Masters between the 16th and 19th centuries. As a result of this research, the Obras Completas para guitarra (Complete Works for Guitar) by Francisco Tárrega or the Obras Completas (Complete Works) by Julián Arcas, among others, have been published.

SONETO Ediciones Musicales has focussed, from the very beginning, on classical music for the guitar by Spanish composers, although it includes Italian masters of the instrument, theoretical treatises and chamber music.

Soneto’s publications are known for the large number of great guitarists that use them as essential material, both in recording records and in their teaching.

The publishing house is currently managed by Melchor Rodríguez and his son Enrique Rodríguez, a cellist whose interest in chamber music has led him to publish the trios of Antonio Ximenez (18thC) and to create the instrumental group “Cámara Iriarte”, specializing in 18th century Spanish music.