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José Ramírez III
Things about the Guitar

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It is about a History book in which its author, famous guitar´s builder, J. Ramirez III speaks about his know ledges and professional relationship with the most famous guitar player's as A. Segovia, N. Yepes and so on.
About the handicraft in the guitar' building, it speaks about so interesting things as:

The cedar, the lignum vitae, the guitar and the traditional studio (workroom), The “lisps", Damp and dryness, The tuning in the frets, A dynasty of builders Ramirez, The guitar of 10 strings, The chamber guitar, The strings long ness, To adjust the beating, The Andalusia gipsy guitar, Bars and twigs, The polish, The mechanic pegs, Manuel Ramirez, Andrés Segovia" The guitar and Me, Fashions and something more about polish, T o choose a guitar, Pupils.

ISBN: 84-87969-40-2
222 pg.; 17x21,5 cms.; Rústico
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